South America session 2010-11-04

The South American session of the international webinar series,”THE IMPLEMENTATION OF ENERGY EFFICIENT BUILDINGS POLICIES: INTERNATIONAL BENCHMARK” was held on November 4, 2010, 10 pm – 12:30 pm, Brasilia time.

The agenda for the free 2.5-hour webinar was:

  • “The Ordinance on Buildings Thermal Quality for the City of Maracaibo-Venezuela” – Nastia Almao, Emeritus Professor, University of Zulia VIDEO PDF
  • “Energy efficiency in buildings in Argentina” – Gautam Dutt VIDEO*
  • “Barriers to Energy Efficiency in Buildings in Emerging Economies. Strategies to start actions: The case of Uruguay.” – Alfonso Blanco, Mechanical and Industrial Engineer of UdelaR University VIDEO
  • “Chilean Building Thermal Performance regulations: what we´ve done and what we haven´t.” – Waldo Bustamante, Professor at the School of Architecture. P. Catholic University of Chile (PUC) VIDEO PDF
  • “The Brazilian Energy Efficiency Label for Buildings” – Roberto Lamberts, UFSC, Professor, Federal University of Santa Catarina, South Brazil VIDEO PDF
  • Conclusions – Jean Carassus, TG 66 Coordinator VIDEO

*Temporary file

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